We’ll start easy

Chester toes

We don’t want to startle the puppy.

Once upon a time, my sister, the amazing photographer Susan Greene, and I shared a blog space called Backyard Sisters.

We’re not sharing that blog anymore but we still really love each other. Sue gets credit for the open-armed wet-foot photo that graces the homepage of this blog. She always has her camera out on family adventures and that particular day I was trying to entice my niece’s two-year-old daughter from Denver into the water. My niece recently sent me this photo and said, “it’s a perfect reflection of how I see you: Arms open wide, smiling, and happy.” I figured if someone who knows me sees me reflected here, maybe you who don’t yet know me might begin to learn from a picture.

Susan and I do still share cookies, and recipes, parents, other sisters, and chocolate. But this is now my writing space and you can find her creative work at Susan Greene Photography. I’ll gradually be moving over some of my favorite and most popular stories from Backyard Sisters.