Thirty Days of Poetry: Day #14

Day #14: RHINO Poetry

Celebrating National Poetry Month by highlighting 30 days of literary publishers who produce poetry you can listen to, watch, or read, in 5 minutes or less.

Maybe you’re like my friend, S, who has endured so much loss, too much pain. She uses art to get closer to healing. If that describes you, and if you find a deep appreciation for words rendered with sculptural virtuosity, then RHINO Poetry might your kind of journal too. 

The RHINO Poetry “About” statement:

The Poetry Forum/RHINO Poetry is a non-profit literary organization, primarily devoted to the publication of RHINO Poetry, an annual high-quality print journal featuring well-crafted, diverse poetry, flash fiction, and translations. While remaining committed to our print journal, all poems will be placed online throughout the year.

RHINO Poetry occupies a niche somewhere between academia and the emerging poetry scene – devoted to creative work that tells stories, provokes thought, and pushes the boundaries in form and feeling – while connecting with our readers and audience.

Here’s a RHINO Poetry bonus: In addition to reading the journal online, you can also virtually attend RHINO Reads, an online quarterly reading and open mic poetry event. The next event is April 29, featuring poets Paul TranNan Cohen, and Teresa Dzieglewicz.

My current RHINO Poetry journal favorite is “Father Weaver” by Jamaica Baldwin, winner of the 2021 RHINO Editors’ Prize.

It opens like this:

If he wasn’t janitor he’d be gravel artist, he’d be glitter farmer, he’d groove skate
down beach hill to Isley Brothers. If he wasn’t janitor he’d be tennis racketeer,
ocean tamer, cicada sequencer, he’d turn his knit cap upside down to catch fire

flies, load them into pitching machine, point upwards and shoot stars into sky.

Father Weaver by Jamaica Baldwin.

If your heart hurts today, be gentle with yourself.

If you find a poem that heals, please share it. 

Thank you all for reading along.

Thank you for all your suggestions, and for trusting me to be your poetry matchmaker.