Thirty Days of Poetry. Day #21

Day 21: SWWIM

Celebrating poetry by highlighting 30 days of literary publishers who produce poetry you can listen to, watch, or read, in 5 minutes or less.

Some of my very best days are spent on hiking trails, and the ones that rate as all-time favorites are those spent exploring with my grandson, Brayden. He’s a flash, moves as fast as time. He looks deeply and loves to ask questions like, “Would you rather live in a world made of candy or of gold?” 

If you have time to peer intently into a daily lyric, and you move quickly through your day without time to linger quietly more than a moment, you might enjoy SWWIM, on online journal that publishes one poem, each day.

From the SWWIM “About” page:

“SWWIM (Supporting Women Writers in Miami) was co-founded by Jen Karetnick and Catherine Esposito Prescott. SWWIM publishes, promotes, and celebrates women writers, trans and cis women, nonbinary, intersex, and other gender-expansive communities, with a year-round reading series held at The Betsy-South Beach in Miami Beach, FL and the online poetry journal SWWIM Every Day.”

Brayden once told me I was his favorite toy ,and every day spent with him, and his sister, leave me jubilant, and as roughed up as the Velveteen Rabbit. So when I found “Embrace” by Lara Payne, I knew I’d found the perfect poem for my grandson.

It begins like this:

Do take a minute to click on the photo to link to read the entire poem. And if you’re intrigued by how two editors make time to publish a poem every single day, read my interview with the SWWIM Founding Editors, Jen Karetnick and Catherine Esposito Prescott on this blog, link here.

Wishing you a refreshing day with enough time to pause and look deeply at something, or someone, that brings you great awe.