Me and Brayden

…my lifetime
listens to yours… What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life?

   Muriel Rukeyser, from Käthe Kolwitz
The truth about my life:

I try to make sense of the world by writing. Inquiring. Composing.
I write, to right my life.
I struggle to balance work and family.

How often do I write? All the time.
How often do I laugh with my family?
All the time.


When do I find time to read a book about the craft of writing? Every few weeks. And how I practice!
How often do I see my parents? Every week or so. I’ve been bringing groceries since the time of COVID. We had front porch picnics. Now we’ve moved inside to work on healing from a broken hip. It’s a four-hour round-trip drive.

When do I sit down, write deeply, and edit past work? At least twice a week.
How often do I babysit my grandchildren? Several days a week. We always have, “The Best Day Ever!”

How often do I question whether I should spend time stringing together words as art when someone dies of starvation, or illness, or loneliness, every day, every hour? Every minute.

How often am I humbled with gratitude for sharing my life with a man who understands what I’m trying to say? Every second.

I’m not a politician, not a business entrepreneur, not a monk, not a soldier,
not asleep. I’m a human being writer, teacher, speaker, with a wild imagination for a kinder, gentler, more respectful tomorrow.

“Share what you have,” my mama always said.

So, I write. I teach. I help other human beings document their lives using some techniques I call Write, Right My Life.

Am I published?
Yes. You can read all about my publications on the POET and STORYTELLER pages.

Have I taught anyone how to do this thing called writing?
Yes. I work with amateur writers on projects as short as one to three important moments of a life, or something as ambitious as a full biography of the writer and their ancestors that runs several hundred pages. If you’re curious what that it means to Write, Right My Life check out my FAQs page.

I also taught writing at university level for almost ten years. Some of my favorite courses were:

  • Introduction to Creative Writing
  • Writing Diverse Cultures
  • Writing Creative Nonfiction
  • Composing Self: How and Why Writers Create Persona for Rhetorical Effect
  • Writing About Food
  • Writing About Place
  • Writing the Truth
  • Writing the Memoir
  • Composing New Media

Am I a good literary citizen?

ALonfFuDQPCh%KWUTe%iww_thumb_1c64Yes. Being a good literary citizen means I support other writers, literary journals, and independent bookstores. Once I started a small literary journal called dirtcakes. With a staff of dedicated volunteers, we put out four issues, each one dedicated to exploring themes suggested by the UN Millennium Development goals to end extreme poverty. We published writers and photographers representing more than 15 countries. Last I checked, you can still buy copies on Amazon, though I’ve yet to figure out who makes the money on what sells. It makes me smile to know the journal is still available.

What else do I do? I hold a certificate in Mindfulness training, and I’m an ordained wedding officiant.M&KWedding

Wedding Officiant

I’m a public speaker for the Orange County Human Relations #HateFreeOC campaign.


I bake really good sourdough bread from scratch. And I’m alive.Butterfly Me

Reach out and say hey! Share, or ask for, a book recommendation. Let me help you get your Write, Right My Life story written. I look forward to hearing from you.