Thirty Days of Poetry. Day #22


Day 22: The Hyacinth Review

Celebrating poetry by highlighting 30 days of literary publishers who produce poetry you can listen to, watch, or read, in 5 minutes or less.

My friend Ginger is gentle and tender in all the right ways. She’s the kind of friend who will share tea for hours, talk books forever, send videos of her granddaughter singing true and pure. She always knows the best places to eat and the best gardens. I think of her as a beauty seeker.

I found The Hyacinth Review for Ginger, and for all who seem to be able to find a way, regardless of life’s circumstances, to discover the sublimely beautiful.

From The Hyacinth Review “About” page:

Founded in 2021, THE HYACINTH REVIEW is an online journal dedicated to exploring the humanities through various mediums & providing free learning resources for all.

In the Victorian language of flowers, the hyacinth sends the message: ‘your loveliness charms me’. In Greek mythology, the hyacinth sprung from the blood of Hyacinthus, lover of Apollo. Wherever it’s represented, the hyacinth symbolizes an aesthetic appreciation which, as our name suggests, is the focus of this journal.

From poetry and creative writing, to research essays and reviews, through the world of art and photography, our aim is to promote and celebrate the beauty that can be found everywhere in our world, in all its diversity. If you leave this site with a new bit of knowledge, a burst of inspiration, or even just a nugget of joy – then we’ve done our job.

We’re here for the poets, the bookworms, the autodidacts. Those who see the beauty in the world and hope to add to it. The individuals with niche interests and a curiosity that can never be sated. And, of course, we’re here for those who are in need of a little dose of hope, inspiration, and joy.

We believe that access to art and literature is everyone’s right. We believe that knowledge should be accessible, approachable, and (most importantly) free. Most of all, we believe that everyone has some beauty to share with the world.

The Hyacinth Review features poetry, art, photography, fiction, essays, and a comprehensive roundup of free poetry resources. There’s so much to love in the recent poetry publications, but for Ginger I selected a poem titled “I’ll Send You Postcards” by Fran Fernández Arce.

It opens like this:

I’ll send you postcards for you
to frame. You’ll send me snap
shots in return of flowers and
plants, telling me how swallows
come with horses. I’ll send you

a postcard of my mother’s
garden, close-ups of shamrock
growing in the crevices, eared
doves nesting on naked trees.


Make today a scavenger hunt for “hope, inspiration, and joy.” Make today beautiful.