Paint hands with Leah

Have you ever said:

“I’m trying to write a book…”
“I want to write the story of my life for my family…”
“If I don’t write it down, who will remember me?”

When I mention in conversation that I’m a writer, I hear this all the time. When I go further and say I’m a writing teacher, I get variations on the same theme.

“I’m trying to write a book…I want to write the story of my life…If I don’t write it down, who will remember?”

Let me help you. It turns out I’m an excellent listener who can help you curate the highlights of your life story into anything from a 15 – 20 page small book of reflections to a full family history running several hundred pages. I’ve developed some techniques that I call Write, Right My Life. I believe every story deserves to be told so I keep my rates reasonable. Learn more by reading the FAQs, or reach out below and we’ll talk about the best way for you to Write, Right My Life.