Paint hands with Leah

Learning is messy and that’s one of the reasons I love to teach. See the secret is, I always learn more than the knowledge I set out to impart.

I taught writing at the university level for almost ten years. Some of my favorite courses were:

  • Introduction to Creative Writing
  • Writing Diverse Cultures
  • Writing Creative Nonfiction
  • Composing Self: How and Why Writers Create Persona for Rhetorical Effect
  • Writing About Food
  • Writing About Place
  • Writing the Truth
  • Writing the Memoir
  • Composing New Media

If you’d like to see what happens in a college writing course, you can visit my teaching website, Summits Guide.

I’ve also taught Mindfulness and Meditation. You can read about that endeavor in an old Backyard Sisters post called, “What’s the sound of mothers dreaming?”

Would you like to put together a small group and learn to write on a specific topic, or read like a college student again? We can work together on that. Take a look at the Composing Self, Fall 2018 page.