Thirty Days of Poetry. Day #9.

Day #9: The Hoot Review

Celebrating National Poetry Month by highlighting 30 days of literary journals that publish poetry you can listen to or read in 5 minutes or less.

This recommendation is for my daughter, Erin. Of course I’m biased, but she really is one of the most joyful humans I know. She’s also one of the most busy, yet skillful at finding time to fit in things she has to do – like mother two kiddos and work hard – while simultaneously making those around her feel special.

So this recommendation is for all you really busy people, especially those who say you have no time to seek out poetry. I give you The Hoot Review.

Each issue is one poem. On a postcard. 150 words or less. 

From the “About” page: 

HOOT is a postcard.  A very nice-looking one.  With writing on it!

It is also a little more complicated than that.  It is also:

a brief, displayable, shareable literary magazine.

The idea is:

-to have stories and poems on a postcard, so that they can be displayed and shared easily. Stick it on the fridge! Tuck it in your husband’s/wife’s briefcase or nephew’s bookbag!”

I give The Hoot Review a double endorsement: brevity and when you visit the print issue online, there is an audio file of the poet reading their poem.

The most recent poem, “You, You Brilliant” by Sean Lyon is a fitting lyric for a Saturday night. 

“Dance like you have a cadre of backup beauties

dressed as aliens or jellyfish…”

Go on now and dance. But first, go experience 5 minutes or less of poetry.

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