Thirty Days of Poetry. Day #1

Celebrating National Poetry Month by highlighting 30 days of literary journals that publish poetry that you can read in 5 minutes or less.

Day #1: Electric Literature

Electric Literature is BIG, in content, scope and vision: “to make literature more exciting, relevant, and inclusive.” Editors and interns work hard to create a digital world that imagines the real world I want to live in where every voice gets equal space and a damn cool picture. Sign up for The Commuter, their free digital lit magazine featuring a single taste of poetry, flash, graphic, or experimental narrative arriving by e-mail every Monday morning.

Two recent favorites offerings are: “Devour My Blackness While I Sit Here Hungry,” two poems by Anya Pearson and “How Do You Exist In a World that Sees You As Monster or Ghost?,” a written conversation between writer Sam Risak and poet Christian J. Collier about his new chapbook, “The Gleaming of the Blade.”

Stay lit. Read poetry.

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