I’m an unhurried thinker in a too fast world.

I’m the founding and managing editor of dirtcakes a journal of poetry, creative nonfiction, art and photography. My own creative nonfiction essays, articles, interviews and book reviews have appeared nationally. They’ll occasionally reappear here.

Also known as The Lowly Adjunct, I teach undergraduates how to
Write About Literature, or Write Creative Nonfiction, Poetry and Short Fiction,
or how to Compose Self at Chapman University in Orange, CA.
You can read what we’re up to at Summits Guide.

Sometimes I wonder what kind of arrogant thing it is to spend any moments
with words, with art when
someone somewhere dies of starvation, or illness, or loneliness
every day,
every hour,
every minute.

I wonder if I should spend all my time taking care of that.
Then I remember.

I’m not a politician, not a business entrepreneur, not a monk, not a soldier,
not asleep.
I am a human being writer
with a wild imagination for a kinder, gentler tomorrow.

“Share what you have,” my mama always said.

So, here.