When I work with writers, I hear nice things:

“…If every professor were like Professor Keefe then every student would love learning. It is always about the process and getting the most out of every assignment. The readings are carefully selected and always a joy. She builds students up to explore themselves and their voice which is something students at this age are in dire need of. She gave me so much wisdom, confidence, and opportunities to become a better writer…”

“…What a brilliant and kind woman. I struggle finding people with such an aura of radiant caring like her’s. I’ve truly enjoyed each second I’ve spent in this class….”

“She gave great feedback…I really felt like she connected with all of us which made it easier to open up about things and ask more questions. She never made me feel like any of my questions were stupid or not important….”


How it feels to help writers get their story into the world…

Are you ready to skip into writing gear? We can work together.