It’s fall! September has meant school begins for as long as I can remember. And since I’m not teaching at university right now, I’ve decided to offer a virtual class called “Composing Self” which I’ll also take as a student. This is so meta!

Composing Self is a writing class I’ve taught many times, exploring how and why writers compose identity through careful language selection. If I’m any good at this teaching thing, we should all learn quite a bit. It’ll be a whirlwind. I’ve condensed a 15-week course into 10 weeks.

I’ll run the virtual class from Monday, October 1, 2018 through Friday, December 7. Prompts and readings will be delivered to your inbox by Sunday evening.  You can sign up by using the contact form below.

OK. I get it. Composing Self sounds a little academic. What it means is if you’ve ever wanted to begin writing your own story but you need a little prodding, guidance, and community, now’s your chance. Or if you’ve ever wanted to learn to interview someone but need some tools to learn how to be effective at it, this is your time. Maybe you want to create a legacy project for your family. Start now in time for the holidays.

​This class does not include interaction with other students, nor critical feedback from me. (Unless you want to share a password-protected link to your work to allow myself and others to read.)

Complete details will be sent with the introductory e-mail.

Time commitment? Up to you.

What’s the cost? Each of the 36 students I would teach each semester paid the university about $5,000 for my class. You do the math. The university earned about $180,000 on my labor while I made about $28 per hour.

What do you think I’m worth?
Pay me what seems fair when the class is over.

If you want to sign up for e-mail readings and assignments, drop me a note.